The water in the fish ponds  enters from the springs of the river Treska and river Belica, and reaches over 10 000 liters per second.



The quality of water for the breeding of fish is measured according to several criteria: opacity of the water and the water flow, specific gravity and temperature of the water. Water trout production should be cold, clean and clear and there is no danger of pollution.

Standard Water Clarity: 21 – 25 cm
In order to protect fish stocks, the company “IZVOR” continuously invests in maintaining fauna in the pools for trout. This approach significantly increases the nutritional value of water and the environment in which they live fish. This enables the summer period dimming pools and thus reduce stress in fish. This type of production has a significant impact on the welfare of the fish and thus the quality of the flesh of fish.
Standard Water Flow: 400l/sec
Water flow or speed of the water affects the amount of gas in the water, temperature of water, content of nutrients and mineral salts as well as affect the speed of removal of harmful metabolic substances. The proximity of the source of water in the ponds of the company “IZVOR” as well as technical solutions for fast water circulation provide optimal satisfaction of this requirement for quality water production.
Standard Temperature: 8 – 16 C
Water temperature is directly related to the metabolism of the fish. Reducing water temperature C 1 slows the metabolism of the fish 10%. Best water temperature for the production of trout is 8 – 16 C. Beyond these limits, the fish metabolism is disturbed and it significantly affects their growth and development.
Standard O2 Amount: 8,5 – 11,6 mg/l
The trout use large amounts of oxygen. The optimum amount of oxygen in the water to produce trout ranges from 8,5 to 11,6 mg / l. The proximity of the farms of IZVOR to water sources, as well as modern technical solution of fisheries, provide access to water to fish with optimal amount of dissolved oxygen, naturally. In order to adjust the average increase in atmospheric temperature and thus to increase water temperature in the summer period, IZVOR owns  system of delivery of artificial oxygen used in exceptional situations.
Standard CO2 Amount: up to 2 mg/l
The allowed amount of CO2 in the water is 2 mg / liter. For the purposes of trout there is a minimum amount of CO2 in the water. The proximity of the source of water and the rapid flow of water in the ponds of the company “IZVOR” allows a small amount of CO2 in ponds.
Standard Ph: 7,5 – 8,5
Ph value of water or also known as the acidity of the water needs of production should range from 7,5 to 8,5.
Parameter Science Izvor Izvor Belica
WATER CLARITY 20-25 cm 21 cm 20 cm
WATER FLOW 400 l/sec 6000 l/sec 10 000 l/sec
TEMPERATURE 8 – 16 C 11 C 11 C
O2 8,5 – 11,6 9 – 11 9 – 11
CO2 0,2 – 2 mg/l 0,4 mg/l 0,3 mg/l
PH VALUE 7,5 – 8,5 7,9 7,7