Business concept of the company IZVOR  is based on the gift of nature, tradition, expertise and the vision for constant innovation in terms of production quality, healthy and safe food. Izvor is the leading aquaculture production capacity of fresh trout and trout for consumption in the country with an annual production capacity of 400 tons of fresh fish. IZVOR has two fish ponds (farms), it is the pond Izvor and pond Izvor Belica, which produce 5 types of trout and fish spawn. Their geographical location and excellent hydrological capacities of water resources, make these two production facilities, optimal environment to produce top quality trout which meets the highest world standards for food safety. Today the company employs 25 people and has a distribution capacity that provides waterfront of the territory of the Republic of Macedonia and neighboring countries.


  • Toni Dimitrioski
    Toni DimitrioskiGeneral Manager

    +(389) 70 204 220

  • Viktor Dimitrioski
    Viktor DimitrioskiCommercial Manager

    +(389) 70 393 426

  • Dusan Radeski
    Dusan RadeskiManager of Production

    +(389) 71 221 843